Vasectomy Post Operative Advice


Immediately after your vasectomy, you can usually expect any discomfort to be relatively mild.. Local anesthesia will begin to wear off an hour or so after the procedure. Your doctor will advise you of appropriate use of pain relievers..

Here are some general guidelines
to for making your recovery uneventful and as comfortable as possible.

Getting Home.


Your doctor may advise you not to drive yourself home, so may need to arrange
for transportation in advance. He or she will also determine when you are ready
to travel, so don’t try to speed up the process. Go directly home to rest. You
can expect to wear a snug scrotal support garment or jockey shorts immediately
after the surgery and for about one week thereafter. Wear or bring these with
you to your appointment.



Beginning Your Recovery

Elevate your legs, stay off your feet, and use ice packs liberally to soothe the scrotal area during the first few days following your vasectomy to help minimize any swelling and discomfort.

Contact your doctor immediately if, in the first day or two following
surgery, you experience any sudden fever, chills, increasing pain, swelling or
drainage, any of which might be signs of infection.

The First Days.
Check with your doctor when you may resume taking showers, usually
within a day or two. Do not take tub baths or submerge your body for at least 48 hours after surgery. This could expose your incision to bacteria and the risk of infection. Warm, 20-minute baths can be beneficial after the few days following your vasectomy.

Although you can expect some discomfort at first, lasting or significant pain is uncommon. However, don’t try to "tough it out" when it comes to postoperative pain. Let your doctor know if you experience an increase in discomfort, so you can receive the right medication.

Vasectomy procedures are often scheduled for a Thursday or Friday; this
allows a weekend to recuperate before the start of the next workweek. It is not uncommon for men to return to work on the following Monday or Tuesday.

The First Few Weeks after Surgery

Once sexual activity is comfortable for you, it is important to resume ejaculation, since it takes
between 10 and 20 ejaculations before any remaining sperm is released. In fact, sperm can remain in the semen for three to six months following your vasectomy.

You can expect your doctor to advise you when to bring in your first
semen sample for examination. This is usually within three to four months after your vasectomy. You may be able to collect your seminal specimen at home and bring it directly lab. Use the sterile containers that are provided for all semen samples.

You are generally considered sterile only after your
doctor makes that determination. You may be informed by post or at a follow up appointment.

In Summary:
  • Discomfort following a vasectomy is usually mild, but expect to take time to
    rest and recuperate for a few days.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions, including his direction regarding rest
    and the use of pain medications and/or antibiotics.
  • Many men begin to resume regular work activities after a few days of rest
    following the procedure.
  • Sexual activities can usually be resumed after one to weeks, but sterility
    is not immediate.
  • Your doctor will provide instructions regarding semen sample testing during
    the weeks following a vasectomy.