Participant in multi-centre study of transurethral vaporisation of prostate (TVP) versus transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) 1998-2000. Funded by NHS health
technology assessment

TUNA. Contributed data into the European Association of Urology Central Registry 2004 -2010.  Only UK contributor

Prostate Cancer in Ethnic Subgroups (PROCESS) - Incidence, presentation
and access to health care. I am a co-recipient of a grant from the Department of
Health. It is previewed on BBC online. The study commenced in 2003. Study
centres in London and Bristol.  Accepted for publication 2007

Ethnicity and prostate cancer in East London. I have published the first UK data (abstract 2003, full paper December 2006) demonstrating an increased incidence of prostate cancer in black men in a UK population. Work is ongoing

Prognostic factors in prostate cancer patients treated by watchful waiting. A joint study between Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute in New York and various UK
institutions. 1999 - ongoing. This will lead to better identification of those
men who can be safely kept under "watchful waiting" rather than undergo radical
treatment for prostate cancer

Intermittent hormone therapy with immediate versus deferred radiation localised prostate cancer. Lead clinician and originator for this Barts and The London study. 10 years follow up on cohort as in 2012
European study [SEUG9001] into intermittent androgen suppression
in prostate cancer

Phase 2 study of safety and tolerability of FE200486 (LHRH antagonist) in prostate cancer. Completed 2003

Dutasteride versus placebo for 4 years to reduce risk of biopsy detected prostate cancer. I actively recruited into this study. It was for men with suspected prostate cancer but with a negatiave biopsy. Previous research suggested that 30% may subsequently be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The study was to find out if the drug dutasteride can reduce this risk. It was a multi-centre International study.

Mitoxantrone and prednisolone and YM598 or placebo in hormone refractory
prostate cancer. 2003. Recruitment complete

Lamins, capsaises and granzyme in prostate cancer. Supported by Cancer Research Fund Barts and The London. Work completed 2004 by my research registrar for MD thesis. Joint supervision with histopathology

P1NP versus bone scan in the staging of prostate cancer. 2002-04. Can a simple, cheap blood test replace bone scanning? Work published.


Gene therapy for prostate cancer, 2005-2007. A collaboration with Institute
of Cancer Research, Charterhouse Square, London. Work presented at National and
International meetings.  Thesis submitted 2007 by research fellow (Mr
Radhakrishnan) under my supervision for a MS degree from University of London.  Awarded 2008


The role of gonadotropins in the development of prostate cancer.  Work
published and presented at International meetings.  Thesis submitted 2006 by
research fellow (Mr Thwaini), under my supervision, for MS degree from
University of London.  Awarded 2007

Erectile dysfunction

2mg verus 3mg Uprima in erectile dysfunction. 2003. completed.

Tadalafil versus sildenafil in the oral treatment of erectile dysfunction. 2003. Recruitment complete. A head to head study of the leading oral treatments

Female urology

Duloxetine versus placebo in the treatment of predominant stress urinary incontinence. 2004-2005. I actively recruited into this study. This is the first drug for
stress incontinence.  Multi-centre international study. The drug has now been


Virtual cystoscopy. This study is completed. It investigated using CT and 3-D reconstruction to image the bladder. Work has been presented at a National meeting and has been published.

Bladder cancer

Liarazol in superficial bladder cancer. 1998-2000. Completed.