Professor  Chinegwundoh has appeared several times on television, commencing in the 1990s on "Black Britain" in a feature about taking prostate cancer messages into the community.


In November 2011, he was invited to take part in a Sky TV comedy vehicle to raise awareness of prostate cancer.  This has been acclaimed by the charities Prostate Action and Prostate Cancer Charity in the UK for the use of humour to get across a serious male health message.


The clip stars Karl Pilkington, Rcky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, with a guest appearance from Dr Chinegwundoh.   As of 20 February 2014 the clip has been viewed over 500 000 times on a variety of you tube postings.




Clip from Sky TV,  Series 2 An Idiot Abroad


November 2015  appeared in 'The moaning of life' with Karl Pilkington.  Series 2, episode 4

Involved scrotal examination


Featured in TV documentary 'ITV exposure: too late to save your life'.  broadcast 30.10.2013 at 7.45pm.   Talking about prostate cancer.





Mr Chinegwundoh TV appearance 25 May 2013
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NHS Choices video


This video talks about prostate cancer




The author also advised on a video about urinary tract infection





Print media



A publication in the "Voice" newspaper in June 2012



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Prince Philip's Bladder Infection 'May Have Been Caused By Diamond
Huffington Post UK
urological surgeon Dr Frank Chinegwundoh agreed with Dr Vandeburg saying
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The Global Note: God Save The Queen…US To Europe: “Act Now
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... infrequent
visits to the bathroom while on the Spirit of Chartwell may have contributed to
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National award winner 2012 in QiC excellence in oncology award for Newham men's community prostate clinic
prostate cancer feature The Docklands an[...]
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