Discharge information for patients

This procedure removes the foreskin from the end of the penis. It is a quick operation which is usually done on a day case basis. This means that you will be admitted and discharged on the same day as your operation. When you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation it is important that you do not drive a car, drink alcohol or handle machinery for 24 hours post-op. You should therefore arrange for someone to collect you from hospital.

About 24 hours after surgery you may bath or shower, allowing the water to soak off the wound dressing. Avoid the use of bubble baths and scented soaps. Dry yourself carefully afterwards.

You may have oozing from the wound site for a few days. Keep penis free from urine as much as possible i.e. dab end with clean tissue paper after each time you pass urine. If the ooze from the wound changes to a yellow/green colour with or without an offensive smell, and/or the wound site becomes very red and sore and this does not resolve within 2 days, you may have a wound infection. You will need to contact your GP or specialist. If you are sent home with antibiotics take the whole course given as instructed.

The stitches are usually dissolvable over 2-3 weeks so will not require removing; check before discharge that this is the case. For a few days after the operation you may experience pain/discomfort at the wound site which may be relieved by taking prescribed/recommended painkillers. Wearing supportive underpants and loose trousers may aid comfort. It is important to try and avoid having erections until your penile wound has healed. Avoid sex until the wound is healed and you are pain free.

You may return to work when you feel comfortable and know that you can cope with the activities that your job entails.